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VDC Infuser
Liquid feed device
With the VDC Infuser, you can adapt your tablet dechlorinator for use with a liquid feed solution. This means that in situations where tablets alone aren't quite enough, you can easily switch to a more potent and effective option. Whether you're dealing with high chlorine levels or want a faster dechlorination process, the VDC Infuser has got you covered.

Optional infuser elbows are available in 2.5" NST or 4.5" NST sizes if you don't have a tablet dechlorination diffuser. These infuser elbows allow you to dechlorinate directly off the hydrant or connect to a hose.
  • Expands the capabilities of either your ZDe-Chlorinator NEMA or your LPD (or like) dechlorination diffuser
  • Dechlorinates broader range of chlorine levels and flow rates
  • Digital dosing accuracy is more reliable than venturi or gravity feed
  • Compact design, lightweight, adaptable
  • Sets up in minutes

We suggest this product be used with Vita-D-Chlor, Neutral

VDC Infuser Instructions
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