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Why Use Vita-D-Chlor?
Vita-D-Chlor is an ascorbic acid-based line of dechlorination products for hydrant flushing and field dechlorination. A more environmentally conscious method of water dechlorination than alternative chemicals, Vita-D-Chlor provides a safe, easy, and non-toxic way to dechlorinate in sensitive areas.

What you get with Vita-D-Chlor:

  • Operator safety in product handling
  • Instantaneous reaction time with total chlorine in water
  • 100% organic and environmentally safe
  • Does not reduce oxygen levels in water
  • Available in both tablet and granular forms
We also offer a variety of hardware systems to help you dechlorinate efficiently for your specific application. Our diverse line of diffusers pair up with Vita-D-Chlor products to give you an efficient, easy and nature-friendly way of dechlorinating.

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