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  • Good match for most auto-flushing devices
  • Slow and low flows
  • Safe treatment for even lower chlorine levels
  • Suitable for reservoir overflow setups

Vita-D-Chlor Slo-Tabs
Vita-D-Chlor Slo-Tabs are the same size, shape and weight as our standard Vita-D-Chlor tablets. They are well suited for situations requiring longer flush times at lower flow rates. As with all Vita-D-Chlor products, Slo-Tabs do not effect pH when dosed properly for the treatment of potable water. Dissolve rate: Approx 0.2 grams/min in a 5 gpm stream.
Active ingredient Ascorbic Acid
Quantity needed to neutralize 1ppm chlorine
1 Slo-Tab neutralizes 7,500 gallons with 1ppm chlorine
Weight115g (4oz.)
AppearanceWhite tablet with citrus odor
PackagingPlastic screw cap bottle and resealable plastic pail (airtight)
Shelf lifeUp to 3 years
Sizes6, 20, 40, 140 tablets
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