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  • Dechlorination with a venturi or metering pump
  • Safe treatment for low chlorine levels
  • Simple and accurate dosing
  • Best for most potable applications

Vita-D-Chlor Original
Vita-D-Chlor Original is used for potable water dechlorination when a liquid application is desired. With proper dosing of water containing 5-10 ppm of chlorine, there is no effect on the pH of the discharged water. Solutions of up to a 10% concentration can easily be made in the field. Higher concentrations are possible when warm water and mixing capabilities are available. Concentrations of 5–10% have good stability for about two weeks without appreciable degradation.
Active ingredient Ascorbic Acid
Quantity needed to neutralize 1ppm chlorine
1 gram per 100 gallons
22lb per 1 million gallons
Form Easily dissolving fine granules
QualityNSF Certified (Dechlorination and antioxidant chemical)
Meets pharmaceutical industry standards for purity (USP)
PackagingPlastic screw-cap bottle and resealable plastic pail (airtight)
Shelf lifeUp to 3 years
Unit sizes 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)
12 kg (26.5 lb)
25 kg (55 lb)
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