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  • Dechlorination with a venturi or metering pump
  • Safe treatment for low chlorine levels
  • Simplest and most accurate dosing
  • Best for most potable applications
  • Use with metering pump set-up

Vita-D-Chlor Granular
Vita-D-Chlor Granular is used for potable water dechlorination when a liquid application is desired. Solutions up to a 10% concentration can easily be made in the field. Higher concentrations are possible when warm water and mixing capabilities are available. Concentrations of 5–10% have good stability for about two weeks without appreciable degradation.
Active ingredient Ascorbic Acid
Quantity needed to neutralize 1ppm chlorine
1 gram per 100 gallons
22 lbs. per 1 million gallons
FormEasy dissolving fine granular
QualityNSF Certified (Dechlorination and antioxidant chemical) Meets pharmaceutical industry standards for purity (USP)
PackagingPlastic screw cap bottle and resealable plastic pail (airtight)
Shelf lifeUp to 3 years
Sizes2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.), 12 kg (26.5 lbs.), 25 kg (55 lbs.)
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