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KITS = 1 diffuser + 1 large pail of Vita-D-Chlor + 50 chlorine test strips
Get started right and save money by purchasing your Vita-D-Chlor and diffuser as a convenient kit. Our kits come with the diffuser of your choice and a large pail of the appropriate Vita-D-Chlor product for the unit. Ideal for those that are new to dechlorination or looking to add a diffuser to their hydrant flushing program or other water utility maintenance project.

Contact us to find out how much you can save as compared to buying the products separately.
ZDe-Chlorinator Kit
The ZDe-Chlorinator saves time and time is money. Light compact and easy to use with our convenient tablets.
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deChlorinator Kit
The de-Chlorinator saves money through accurate dosing that is not achievable with tablet devices, and the Vita-D-Chlor Granular saves you money over the same material in tablet sized form.
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LPD-250 Steel or Aluminum Kit
The LPD-250 is a workhorse dechlorination device. It saves time and time is money. Easy to use with our convenient tablets.
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Hydro-Hitch & Aqua-D-Chlor Kit
The Hydro-Hitch is the "big gun" of dechlorination diffusers. It will work with your steamer or pumper ports for max flow results.
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