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  • LPD-250 - Simple, light, fast tablet dechlorination unit
  • LPD-250 Screen – Specially designed to adjust the flow for Vita-D-Chlor tablets, so you need just 4 tablets to do your first 15-20 minutes of your potable water flush. Also handy for removing excess tablets at the end of the day.
  • Vita-D-Chlor Tablets – Safe, community and environmentally responsible dechlorination tablets, enough to do over 1 million gallons at 1 ppm chlorine
  • 5-Way Test Strips – Easy and fast method for testing chlorine levels below 6 ppm as well as pH, alkalinity and hardness. 50 test per package.
Saves more than $100 over purchasing separately

LPD-250 KIT (Steel@34 lb or Aluminum@17 lb)
Integra has packaged the LPD-250 units with our Vita-D-Chlor tablets because we know you need Vita-D-Chlor tablets if you purchase the device. This is a great saving if you are just starting up your dechlorination program. It is also perfect for the organization that is broadening it's dechlorination with more devices. Purchased individually, this group of items could cost more than $100 over the kit pricing. There is more information on each component so check out the links for the LPD-250, Vita-D-Chlor Tablets and 5-Way Test Strips.
LPD-250 Benefits/Features
  • Simple, low cost
  • Dissipates/diffuses discharge water
  • Utilizes tablets for simplified operations
  • Tablets are contained within the device
  • Traps debris in the discharge
  • Accepts pitot for flow measurement
  • Connects directly to hydrant or hose extension
  • No pre-flush solution mixing
  • No connections to an external chemical source are required
  • Available in steel or lightweight aluminum
Vita-D-Chlor Tablets Benefits/Features
  • Safe for the environment and your community
  • Fast, easy and safe operator handling
  • Each tablet treats up to 8,500 gallons with 1 ppm chlorine
  • Packed in water tight resealable containers
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