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  • deChlorinator - Versatile, light, accurate dechlorination unit (includes a 6 gallon feed solution mixing pail that doubles as a carrying case, feed tubing, quick coupler adaptor & Vita-D-Chlor sample)
  • Vita-D-Chlor Granular – Safe, community and environmentally responsible dechlorination, accurate dosing and NSF certified
  • 5-Way Test Strips – Easy and fast method for testing chlorine levels below 6 ppm as well as pH, alkalinity and hardness. 50 test per package.
Saves more than $100 over purchasing separately

De-Chlorinator KIT
Integra has packaged the deChlorinator with our Vita-D-Chlor Granular to save you money. The de-Chlorinator saves money through accurate dosing that is not achievable with tablet devices, and the Vita-D-Chlor Granular saves you money over the same material in tabletized form. These savings plus Integra's 'Kit" pricing that starts you out with over $100 in savings all adds up to a win-win for you. This is a great saving if you are just starting up your dechlorination program. It is also perfect for the organization that is broadening it's dechlorination with more devices. There is more information on each component so check out the links for the deChlorinator, Vita-D-Chlor Granular and Chlorine Test Strips.
deChlorinator Benefits/Features
  • Dechlorinates full-range of chlorine levels
  • Utilizes NSF granular material for lowest-cost operations
  • Durable construction, compact design
  • Dechlorinate or chlorinate with one unit
  • Sample port for untreated water sampling and feed solution makeup
  • Connects directly to hydrant or hose extension
Vita-D-Chlor Granular Benefits/Features
  • Safe for the environment and your community
  • Safe treatment for low chlorine levels
  • Suitable for dosing to high chlorine levels
  • Simplest and most accurate dosing
  • Best for most potable applications (NSF)
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