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  • Dechlor Demon – 1 gallon tablet tank, hoses, adjustment valves are all included
  • Vita-D-Chlor Tablets – Safe, community and environmentally responsible dechlorination tablets, enough to do over 1 million gallons at 1 ppm chlorine
  • 5-Way Test Strips – Easy and fast method for testing chlorine levels below 6 ppm as well as pH, alkalinity and hardness. 50 test per package.
Saves more than $100 over purchasing separately
Dechlor Demon KIT
A favorite for fire flow testing, we have combined the Dechlor Demon with our Vita-D-Chlor tablets because if you are doing a job, it is best to start off doing it right. The 'Kit' is a great savings when using the dechlorinator designed to best work with the Hose Monster fire flow tools. Purchased individually, this group of items could cost more than $100 over the kit pricing. There is more information on each component so check out the links for the Dechlor Demon, Vita-D-Chlor Tablets and 5-Way Test Strips.
Dechlor Demon Benefits/Features
  • Dechlorinate while flow-testing or flushing
  • Minimal friction loss
  • Does not stress hydrant nozzles
  • Available in 2.5," 4" and 4.5" models
  • Durable construction
  • Small, compact design
Vita-D-Chlor Tablets Benefits/Features
  • Safe for the environment and your community
  • Fast, easy and safe operator handling
  • Each tablet treats up to 8,500 gallons with 1 ppm chlorine
  • Packed in water tight resealable containers
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