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New device that is lighter, faster and more durable
At less than 15 pounds, the ZDe-Chlorinator is our lightest, most compact device. The NEMA-100 version connects to the standard 2-1/2" threading on the hydrant. It also has the same threading on the discharge end, allowing attachment of many of your existing diffusers, pitot gauges, hoses or test equipment. The NEMA-200 version is designed as a single dechlorinator/diffuser unit all in one. The simple design of these units facilitates water flow and both are capable of holding up to four Vita-D-Chlor tablets. These devices are amongst our lowest priced dechlorination units making them a formidable competitor in the market of small, light, simple 2-1/2" dechlorinators for potable water flushing.
  • Fast set-up, simple tablet operation and low cost
  • Durable one piece construction
  • Compact and light weight (<15 lbs)
  • Can treat flows below 150 gpm
  • Removable screen for higher flows
  • Available with diffuser or 2.5" NST discharge threading and removable flushing elbow
  • No mixing of feed solution
Treatment up to 3 ppm chlorine

  1. Setup the ZDe-Chlorinator on the hydrant
  2. Place 3-4 Vita-D-Chlor tablets in the tablet chamber and close
  3. Flush and test for complete dechlorination
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