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Durable hitch-mounted unit
The Hydro-Hitch can be quickly connected to either a 2-1/2" or 5" Storz and the 2-1/2" port or the pumper port on your hydrant. It has the ease of tablet dechlorination with adjustment capabilities. The Hydro-Hitch connects to your truck's hitch receiver and remains there for use when needed. Running a hose between it and the hydrant gives you the discharge on the pavement behind your truck, not on the landscaping around the hydrant. A durable unit all around.
  • Simple, low cost and economical
  • Accepts both 2.5" and 5" Storz connections
  • Allows flushing from hydrant side outlet or steamer port
  • Built in hitch mount
  • Lightweight aluminum construction with powder coat finish
  • Accepts pitot for flow measurement
Basic treatment up to 3 ppm chlorine*

  1. Set connection hose between hydrant and Hydro-Hitch
  2. Place tablet screen in the Aqua-D-Chlor unit
  3. Place required amount of Vita-D-Chlor tablets in the screen
  4. Flush and test for complete dechlorination
*Treating higher chlorine levels may be achieved by rotating the tablet chamber in the Aqua-D-Chlor to allow more water to enter the chamber. Removing the tablet screen also allows tablets to dissolve faster, thus enabling the treatment of even higher levels of chlorine.
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