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Dechlor Demon
Developed for the challenges of flow testing
The Dechlor Demon is the perfect device for fire hydrant flow testing. Developed by the same people who created the Hose Monster, it can offer dechlorination with their other flow testing products. It goes inline and has two hoses to connect the tablet mixing tank with a snap. The number of tablets and the opening of the two bypass valves regulate the amount of Vita-D-Chlor distributed into the flow stream.
  • Dechlorinate while flow-testing or flushing
  • Minimal friction loss
  • Does not stress hydrant nozzles
  • Available in 2.5," 4" and 4.5" models
  • Durable construction
  • Small, compact design
Treatment up to 3 ppm chlorine

  1. Setup the Dechlor Demon to hydrant (Hose Monster diffuser should be used for safety)
  2. Add Vita-D-Chlor Tablets to mixing tank
  3. Fill tank with water and connect to Dechlor Demon
  4. Open ball-valve halfway
  5. Begin flush and adjust ball-valves for greatest efficiency and test for complete dechlorination
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