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Adjusts instantly to varying levels during flushing
The Bazooka tablet device sets itself apart from the competition with the fine control its rotameter makes available to the operator. When flushing potable water it can be finely tuned to accurately match the feed solution off the tablets with the volume of water being flushed. This combination limits the potential of both over- and under-dechlorination.
  • Accurate control of chemical usage with rotameter rate valve
  • Liquid Feed Adaptor available to dechlorinate up to chlorine level of 200 ppm
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Small, compact design
Treatment up to 3 ppm chlorine

  1. Setup the Bazooka on the hydrant (diffuser should be used for safety)
  2. Place one Vita-D-Chlor Tablet into the tablet chamber
  3. Set rotameter at 1 gpm and begin flush
  4. Adjust rotameter for greatest efficiency and test for complete dechlorination
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